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Born in Illinois, Alex Duquette is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, audio engineer, and video creator. His multimedia career spans all across the entertainment medium; from live music performances and video scoring, to video advertising and comedy-sketch writing.

Besides audio/video, Alex also loves video games (old and new), and has a strong passion for building positive and fun communities surrounding his various content, whether it be his gaming livestreams, his weekly variety show (Jam & Chat), or his nostalgic TV show theme song medleys on YouTube.

Alex Duquette playing guitar


If music is the universal language, Alex Duquette has found a way to say life is what it is…hard, funny, messy…and worth sharing. 

With an innate sense of the heart, Alex Duquette’s songs either pull you smack into the middle of the human condition or they join you there.  He is a talented, well-rounded musician, having played drums, guitars, and keys for the past 15 years while simultaneously developing his craft in every other part of the musical process: From arranging and recording, to production, mixing, and beyond.


Alex's passion and natural talent for video production predated that of his music endeavors. For nearly two decades, Alex has always found any excuse he can to get behind the camera; whether it be for the dozens of projects throughout his school career, the various comedy sketches and short films he's created or collaborated on with others (Camp Nostalgic), or his self-made medleys and music videos on his YouTube channel.

It doesn't end behind the camera, however. Alex's skills carry over to the computer screen, with video editing and production being his favorite parts of the entire multimedia-creation process.

Alex Duquette
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